Wheel Alignment Cost Guide

There are three main goals of wheel alignment: the vehicle upon completion shouldn’t wear tires, the vehicle should drive straight down the road with the steering wheel held straight, and it should handle as safely and confidently as the original engineering provided for. All of these have some caveats; tires wear from use regardless, and … Read more

Steering Rack and Pinion Replacement Cost Guide

The rack and pinion is a newer alternative to the steering gearbox. Both take inputs from the steering column; at the top of the column is the steering wheel, at the bottom is either a steering box or a rack and pinion. From there steering forces run out through inner and outer tire rods to … Read more

Tie Rod Replacement Cost Guide

On an automobile, whether a light truck or a passenger car, the steering forces are carried from the central steering gearbox or rack and pinion out to the steering arms by tie rods. An inner tie rod and an outer tie rod are present on each side, and each of these has a ball socket; … Read more

Power Steering Fluid Flush Cost Guide

The average cost of servicing the power steering fluid in most vehicles is about $120. It can vary depending on location, and the cost of fluid is dependent on whether it’s the manufacturer’s brand or aftermarket. The labor is dependent on how the service is performed; whether inline flush machine or drain and fill service. … Read more

Power Steering Hose Replacement Cost Guide

The two main components of an automotive power steering system are the power steering pump and the rack and pinion or steering gearbox. These two main components are connected by two hoses – one that supplies pressurized fluid from the pump and one that returns fluid to the pump. There are often several other lines … Read more