Car Alarm Installation Cost Guide

Cars have always been a favorite target of thieves ever since the first recorded case of car theft in 1896. They’re high in value, can be disassembled for parts, and what’s more – they can also facilitate a thief’s escape. According to researchers, car thievery today is less commonplace than it used to be. A … Read more

Tune Up Cost Guide

When was the last time you priced out a tune-up for your family buggy? Was it last year; two years ago; five years ago, or longer? If you have priced them within the previous five years, you know two things: Tune-ups are more expensive Tune-up parts lists are much shorter. There’s a reason for this: … Read more

Tire Balancing Cost Guide

In a perfect world, if wheels were perfectly-machined, if tires were perfectly round, and their casings and compounds are entirely uniform in properties, there would be no need for tire balancing. But there are always inevitably margins of error and variances in the above. An average tire can weigh 20 pounds or so and generates … Read more

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost Guide

As a car or truck is often a person’s largest investment, it is well worth having an inspection done on a vehicle before purchase. This is especially true if the vehicle being purchased is no longer under factory warranty. Most dealerships and car lots will perform their own inspections, but these aren’t always thorough and … Read more