Water Pump Replacement Cost Guide

The water pump or coolant pump is an integral part of a vehicle’s cooling system. Its job is to circulate coolant through the engine and to all the parts of the cooling system. Without a functioning water pump, the vehicle will be unable to take the excess heat produced in the engine and transfer it … Read more

Differential Fluid Change Cost Guide

In many cases, especially on all-wheel-drive vehicles, the correct fluid is determined not just by weight but according to manufacturer-specific specifications, such as on some Honda and BMW vehicles. It’s always important to consult the service manual and check the manufacturer’s specifications. It is also a good idea to verify that a service facility has … Read more

Oil Change Cost Guide

Probably the most basic automotive service is changing the oil and oil filter. In the engine, oil is held in a reservoir, usually the oil pan, and pumped through a filter and throughout the engine assembly to lubricate moving parts while the engine runs. Over time, acids and soot from the combustion process, wear from … Read more