Car Lock Replacement Cost Guide

If your car’s lock or locking system has any sort of problem, it’s recommended to get it repaired or replaced immediately. A car lock that has been damaged will almost certainly need to be swapped for a new one. What’s the Cost of Replacing Your Car Lock? For your reference, we’ve calculated the total car … Read more

Car Door Latch Repair Cost Guide

A door latch is a mechanical mechanism used to secure the door in a closed position. Most door latches feature an integrated door lock actuator which allows the latch to open or remain locked depending on the position. Most manufacturers use cables or rods that connect to the inside door handle, outside door handle, and … Read more

Car Door Handle Replacement Cost Guide

On pretty much every car door there is both an inside and an outside door handle. They are each connected to the door latch by either a rod or a cable. They can fail in a number of ways. Sometimes the plastic parts of the handle itself will break, or the plastic retainers that hold … Read more

Door Actuator Replacement Cost Guide

A door lock actuator is a complicated assembly with several parts. It is fundamentally a component of the latch mechanism assembly of the door, which has a hook that grabs and holds the catch in the door jamb when the door is closed. While different parts of the lock actuator can fail mechanically, it is … Read more