Car Air Filter Cost Guide

One of the basic maintenance items on vehicles is the air filter. An air filter traps particulates before they can get into the engine. By design, this will eventually collect up enough particulates that the airflow through the filter becomes restricted; affecting how well the engine runs. Another factor in the replacement is that an … Read more

AC Freon Recharge Cost Guide

Have you ever taken a ride in someone else’s car and noticed that the air-con was on, but it seemed that only warm air was blowing out? This is a common problem that can happen with automobile air conditioning systems and it has to do with either a shortage of Freon or a serious problem … Read more

AC Evaporator Replacement Cost Guide

The air conditioner system is made with several different components that all work together to create cold air. The evaporator is the component that causes heat to be transferred from the cabin to the air conditioning system which creates cooler air. When replacement becomes inevitable, removing the entire dash is a lengthy job and is … Read more

AC Compressor Replacement Cost Guide

The core of any air conditioning system is the compressor. In short, the compressor compresses the refrigerant vapor which starts the process of exchanging heat through the use of refrigerant’s thermodynamic properties. Refrigerant acts as both a liquid and a gas throughout the AC system. Through the various components in the AC system, the refrigerant … Read more

AC Condenser Replacement Cost Guide

Condensers are located on the front of the vehicle, typically in front of the radiator. Because of their location, most of the time, removing the front bumper assembly is required to replace it. Since it is located on the front of the vehicle, the condenser is prone to leaking from rocks or debris; hitting it … Read more

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost Guide

All modern vehicles have an HVAC system, which stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning”. It’s housed in an elaborate plastic box under the dash of the vehicle, and has various internal chambers, hoses, vents, actuators, and so forth. Most modern vehicles have a cabin air filter in the HVAC system, which filters the air … Read more

Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement Cost Guide

A mass airflow sensor (MAF for short) sits in the vehicle’s air intake and measures the mass of the air flowing into the engine. There are two different types of this sensor, one a “hot wire” sensor, the other a “vane-meter” sensor. But those are just two different strategies of arriving at the same information, … Read more

Heater Core Replacement Cost Guide

A heater core is much like a small radiator. Coolant is circulated through it from the water pump and it has fins to increase the surface area and shed heat more efficiently. The heater core is located in the HVAC box (which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), which is typically located on the … Read more