Cost to Ship a Car Overseas – The Complete Guide

Transporting a car across an ocean can be a hassle, and putting in the time to find a reliable carrier isn’t all that much fun.  There are tons of ways to transport a car – some of the relocation options available are via shipping containers, RORO or cargo airplanes. However, the most inexpensive and widely-used … Read more

Car Painting Cost Guide

Decades ago, cars were painted by hand and it took weeks for it to dry. This is because the paint that was being used at the time dried via solvent evaporation and took much longer. Nowadays, manufacturing factories have replaced human hands with robotic ones which sped up the process tenfold. Water-based enamel paints have also replaced … Read more

Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost Guide

The role of shock absorbers and struts is fairly simple. On any vehicle, there is both “sprung weight” and “unsprung weight”. Unsprung weight is the weight of the tires, steering knuckles, brake assemblies, and the suspension members connecting these to the rest of the vehicle. On a vehicle with solid front or rear axles, both … Read more

Suspension Repair Cost Guide

A vehicle’s suspension is made up of numerous components, and the list varies with the type of suspension used and the specific engineering of the vehicle. The weak points of suspension components are typically at their points of movement. Because of this, the repair can be costly and very meticulous as you may not only … Read more

Ignition Switch Replacement Cost Guide

If you’ve lost your keys, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle to dealerships to have them delete the keys from your car’s computer system. Doing this would prevent whoever found your keys from unlocking the doors with the fob. They can also start the ignition with the key, but they could still unlock … Read more

Headlight Replacements Cost Guide

Replacing a headlight bulb is pretty straightforward, in principle. A bulb slots and locks into a reflector housing and has an electrical connector providing the power. Access to the bulbs for replacement isn’t often easy but is usually provided for in some way as to make it not too laborious. There are a few different … Read more