Fuel System Cleaning Cost Guide

There are a couple of different parts to a fuel system cleaning, and they can be done together or separately. The first is the simplest and involves an additive that is poured into the fuel tank. This can be called a fuel system cleaning service, or a fuel injector cleaning service. On modern vehicles, for … Read more

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost Guide

In all vehicles that use gasoline or diesel to run, they must have a way to get the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. This is done with the use of an electric fuel pump. On modern or on very old vehicles, a mechanical shaft would run a mechanical gear that would pump … Read more

Fuel Filter Replacement Cost Guide

The fuel pump in a vehicle moves fuel under pressure from the gas tank to the engine, where it is atomized by the fuel injectors. The fuel pump impeller can become worn by sediments or contamination in the fuel system, and the fine passages in the fuel injector’s spray ports are easily clogged or worn … Read more

Fuel Filler Neck Replacement Cost Guide

PRO TIP – A good guide is to have the tires rotated regularly, in any case, and they will be checked for unusual wear at that time. Most shops will recommend an alignment if they see signs of a problem. The fuel filler neck is a pretty simple component. The visible part is the inlet … Read more

Fuel Injector Replacement Cost Guide

A fuel injector is essentially a solenoid with a fuel supply and a spray nozzle. It is connected to a fuel rail, and when the solenoid is energized a valve opens allowing fuel to pass through the nozzle end. The fuel injector is supplied with fuel pressure from the rail and the ECM (electronic control … Read more