Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost Guide

A control arm is basically the part of the suspension that links the frame or body of the vehicle to the steering knuckle assemblies. The control arms have rubber bushings to allow them to absorb road forces and to travel up and down with bumps. There are many variations on how this is done, and … Read more

Car Air Filter Replacement Cost Guide

During the engine combustion, your vehicle gets oxygen from its environment in order to burn the fuel properly and efficiently. The last thing that your car’s engine needs is to get contaminated by filthy air. Without an air filter, your vehicle’s engine parts will be running with dirt, dust, and other particles that may result … Read more

Car Painting Cost Guide

Decades ago, cars were painted by hand and it took weeks for it to dry. This is because the paint that was being used at the time dried via solvent evaporation and took much longer. Nowadays, manufacturing factories have replaced human hands with robotic ones which sped up the process tenfold. Water-based enamel paints have also replaced … Read more

Cost to Ship a Car Overseas – The Complete Guide

Transporting a car across an ocean can be a hassle, and putting in the time to find a reliable carrier isn’t all that much fun.  There are tons of ways to transport a car – some of the relocation options available are via shipping containers, RORO or cargo airplanes. However, the most inexpensive and widely-used … Read more

Front & Rear Differential Replacement Cost Guide

PRO TIP – A good guide is to have the tires rotated regularly, in any case, and they will be checked for unusual wear at that time. Most shops will recommend an alignment if they see signs of a problem. The differential receives engine power from the driveshaft and splits the power input between two … Read more

Vinyl Car Wrap Cost Guide

One of the most popular ways to accomplish a custom design on a car is by using vehicle vinyl wrap. It’s used to completely cover the exterior and it’s a great way for a car-lover to pimp their ride to match their personality. Car wraps can be both protective and cosmetic. A few different looks of … Read more

Transmission Flush Cost Guide

An automatic transmission uses fluid to lubricate its internal clutches, gears, and bearings. It incorporates a torque converter as a viscous coupling that uses transmission fluid to transfer engine power to the transmission input shaft. It also uses the fluid under pressure to operate pistons in the valve body and to engage clutches. All this … Read more

Brake Fluid Flush Cost Guide

The basic goal of the service is the same on all vehicles – to replace the old fluid in the braking system with new fluid. This can be done by gravity bleeding or with a vacuum applied at the bleed ports, or with a pressurized tank that forces fluid in at the master cylinder so … Read more

Shift Cable Replacement Cost Guide

The shift cable both pushes and pulls as it operates, so it’s a relatively rigid steel cable in a relatively stiff housing. On an automatic transmission, the shift cable connects from the driver’s shift lever to the shift lever on the transmission. Indications that there might be a shift cable problem would be stiffness or … Read more

CV Joint Replacement Cost Guide

CV axles are most commonly used on the front-wheel-drive vehicles to transfer engine power to the wheels. Some all-wheel-drive vehicles and rear-wheel-drive vehicles with independent rear suspensions also use CV axles to transfer engine power to the wheels. CV axles have an inner joint and an outer joint. Either the two CV joints on a … Read more